Our Beginnings

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the biological model for the history of life on Earth. In the face of hardship, time has seen human beings adapt and grow to exceed the demands of the world around them.

Also with time, evolution has become synonymous with much more than the opposable thumb. Innovation, initiative, resilience, ambition; these are the words that describe the ever-changing modern being.

SWISSMOBILITY respects your evolution. We are dedicated to enhancing your pursuit of a better quality of life and match your development with our own constantly improving brand and products. We are your evolution in travel.

SWISSMOBILITY evolves your journeys

We are a blend of where we came from and where you are going.

Our ancestors are brilliant Swiss craftsmen. We inherited their reverence for quality and stability in their work. You are a mover and a shaker, a part of the group of people influencing the future. You, the business-savvy renovator, are our inspiration. When you integrate these two things together, you get SWISSMOBILITY. We have become the pioneers of exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design.

We believe life is our journey. Only through constant experience, constant adventure, constant advancement, and constant improvement can you realize the true meaning of your life.

Our Story

SWISSMOBILITY launched in 2006. Our foundation was built by that hands of makers; experts in the international case and bag market; Swiss craftsmen with over a decade of successful design and production experience. Each one of our products reflect our founders’ commitment to continuous improvement and advancement without sacrificing quality and functionality.

Although our origins are Swiss, our reach is global. SWISSMOBILITY is an international brand that sees our Swiss heritage as a launching point to bring superior design, materials, and production processes to the world at large. We want our meticulous attention to detail to travel as far as our customers do.

Years of experience in production and brand operation coupled with superior technology and resources allow us to offer businessmen and common travelers a high quality solution. SWISSMOBILITY has outstanding product variety, creativity, functionality, and durability. As makers, we have created a line of products intended to enhance your own quality of life and help you enjoy an improved experience as you tackle life’s adventures. SWISSMOBILITY pours our brand philosophy into every product we craft

We continue to blaze new trails through our product development. Our vision is to build a stronger foundation for the future by providing the best products at the same price.

Our Keys

  • Features & Design: SWISSMOBILITY enhances product quality and functionality. We strive to continuously develop new product categories and styles that match customer’s needs.
  • Experience: SWISSMOBILITY brings you different experiences during your travels. Our human-centered design, multifunctional products, and prominent quality, all feed a more pleasant journey to your final destination.
  • Spiritual Value: SWISSMOBILITY builds our brand and our products meticulously so that you are in your best shape even when you’re on the road. That way you can feel the power and meaning of life more deeply throughout your journeys.

Brand Vision - Brand Mission

  • Our Vision for Today: Hold ground in the international case and bag market so as to become a commonly recognized and preferred brand for consumers.
  • Our Vision or Tomorrow: Be the leader in innovation a renovation in the case and bag market. To drive global evolution in our industry and become a well known and respectable brand for cases and bags throughout the world.
  • Strive to evolve users’ quality of life through our own brand and product evolution.

Core Values of SWISSMOBILITY products

  • SWISSMOBILITY is not only about creating beautiful, functional products. It is about embodying our corporate spirit as renovators for traveling products and constantly staying ahead of the competition.
  • All Encompassing: We provide a full range product collection. From briefcases, backpacks, and waist pouches to trolley bags and trolley cases; our selection of products is rich and complete, while our styles are classic and varied. No matter if it’s for a business trip, a regular outing, or daily use, we provide a perfect solution.
  • Functionality: We contribute a tremendous amount of attention and effort to design and product functionality. This allows our products to provide users comprehensive satisfaction to the demand of an ever-changing social life.
  • Protection: We fully understand that the core function of cases and bags is to “carry and protect.” We provide reliable protection not only to the thing inside of the bag and the bag itself, but also for our users.
  • Innovation: Innovation is our core source of power for survival and development. An on-going innovation of materials, production technology, and design is what we insist upon and value the most.
  • Valuable: We bring consumers the greatest benefit from highly competitive pricing, which makes our excellent quality products more accessible.

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